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  • Vegetables

    Clean Vegetable Options: • Any fresh vegetable • Frozen vegetables with no added ingredients (no sauce, added salt, etc) • Canned vegetables with no ingredeints (no sauce, added salt, etc.) Vegetables should be the foundation of each of your clean eating meals because they’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Go Fresh Fresh vegetables are […]

  • Clean Eating Substitutes for Sugar

    Its not unhealthy to crave something a little sweet once in a while, as long as we satisfy it in the way that nature intended. Nature has provided well to enable us to enjoy sweetness in ways that are truly natural and not harmful to our health.  The bees produce honey, the maple tree produces […]

  • Clean Eating Questions

    Is clean eating a weight loss diet? Clean eating is lifestyle, its a permanent way of eating.  A weight loss diet is something you do for a short period of time (let’s say a month or two) in order to lose enough weight to reach a “goal”. After the goal is reached you go back […]

  • Bone Broth

    Full of collagen for healthy skin and fuller hair, glucosamine for stronger joints and glutamine to heal your gut.

  • The “Do Not Eat” List

    Baking Soda Baking Powder Corn Starch Corn Syrup Soy Sauce White Flour Diet Soft Drinks Regular Soft Drinks Fruit Juice Table Salt Sugar Store bought mayonnaise Store bought ketchup Store bought mustard Store bought relish Store bought salad dressings Store bought seasonings Artificial sweeteners Artificial Ingredients – if you can’t pronounce an ingredient on a […]

  • Pick Your Poison – What’s Wrong With the Food You’re Eating

    From nitrates, to chemical preservatives, pesticides, artificial flavors and colors, added hormones and antibiotics, bleach, to GMO, we are a culture that has been putting poisons and toxins into our bodies as part of our daily diet. We’ve somehow become confused into believing this is “food”.  And then we wonder why so many people are […]

  • Whole Grains

    Carbs get a bad rap because so many people reach for the wrong ones: refined carbohydrates in white bread, cookies, sugary cereals, etc.  Research shows that 95% of the grains we eat as part of a Western diet are refined. Eating too many foods with these adulterated ingredients isn’t just bad for watching your weight; […]

  • Clean Flour, Grain, Bread

    When you are new to clean eating, one of the things that might feel a little confusing is trying to get a handle on what is and is not clean when it comes to flour, grain, bread.  What’s a clean grain?  Its important to have an understanding of the difference between whole grains and processed […]

  • Clean Eating Oils

    Clean Eating Oils Many of us have been taught to view all oil and fat as the enemy.  But the truth is the body needs some healthy fat in order to function well and stay healthy. Cutting out fat all together, even if you are watching your weight, is never advised. The amount of healthy […]

  • Butter & Oil Substitutes for Baking

    Applesauce: Applesauce is used to replace oil in clean eating recipes when baking, and it can also be used as a butter substitute. It works best in cake, muffin, bread and loaf recipes.  Your baked item will be a bit more dense and beautifully moist bread.  Expand about retraining how you think of food., Another […]

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