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  • Why Sugar is Bad

    Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Bad The next important principle in how to eat clean is that you must eliminate sugar from your diet. Why? There’s a very bitter truth to something so sweet:   Sugar is a toxin. Cancer feeds on sugar. Sugar also causes obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases. There is no […]

  • Why Table Salt is Not Allowed in Clean Eating

    Skip the Salt: Why Table Salt Is Off the Table When Clean Eating Our bodies require salt. In fact, every cell in our body needs salt. Salt is important in keeping the proper mineral balance in practically all living creatures, including us humans. Salt is necessary for maintaining good bone density, proper blood circulation and […]

  • Why Crash Diets Don’t Work and Are Unhealthy

    When you temporarily change your eating habits with the objective of losing weight, its commonly referred to as going on a “diet”.  This is completely different from when you make permanent changes to your eating habits for the purposes of maintaining better overall health, based on the principles of healthy eating widely accepted and condoned […]

  • Clean Eating Tomato Sauce Recipe (Made With Fresh Tomatoes)

    Better & Healthier than store-bought, this clean eating tomato sauce is made with fresh tomatoes. Plant extra in the garden to make big batches of this home made tomato sauce and the freeze to enjoy during the winter. I came up with this recipe when the tomatoes in my garden were ripening faster than I […]

  • Clean Eating Curried Chicken Patties

    Clean Eating Curried Chicken Patties

    A very simple clean eating recipe for yummy curried chicken patties. There are so many ways you can prepare lean ground chicken or turkey to keep things interesting. By playing with different spices and home made seasonings, you can have a different flavor experience every day. I love curry, so these clean eating chicken patties […]

  • Clean Eating Broccoli Soup

    Clean Eating Broccoli Soup

    This clean eating broccoli soup recipe is low fat, low cal and dairy free!  Its got such a lovely, smooth consistency, its more like a cream of broccoli soup – you wouldn’t guess it doesn’t contain cream.  Really good – very comforting and delicious, not to mention healthy!  It taste like creamy broccoli soup with […]

  • No-Flour Clean Eating Chocolate Cake Made With Pumpkin

    No-Flour Clean Eating Chocolate Cake Made With Pumpkin

    This Clean Eating Chocolate Cake has such amazing ooey, goey goodness making the texture truly out of this world. AND it is SO yummy. It contains no flour of any kind – and you’d never guess! What’s really amazing is that this cake is made with canned pumpkin in place of flour.  So you get […]

  • Clean Eating for Weight Loss

    Clean Eating for Weight Loss

    Eating clean is not a “diet” at its core, but if you need to lose weight, clean eating can be very, very effective. Throughout this website, I show you specifically how to use the concepts of clean eating to lose weight. If you want to eat clean to lose weight, switching to a clean eating […]

  • Clean Eating Basics

    Clean Eating Basics

    This section will give you a crash course on the clean eating basics. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to read the How to Eat Clean section, which is essentially a quick start guide to everything you need to know about how to eat clean for beginners. Eating clean is not complicated, nor […]

  • What Is Clean Eating?

    What Is Clean Eating?

      At it’s core, eating clean is simply about eating real food in its natural state, meaning unprocessed and without additives or preservatives. That’s it. That is truly all there is to it. Now, of course, you’ll need to learn a little more about that, and about how to go about making clean eating choices […]

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