What Are GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)?

What does Non-GMO mean, and why are GMOs bad?

The vast majority of soy, corn, and rapeseed (canola) oils are derived from genetically modified crops (GM crops). GM Crops come from seeds whose genes have been altered in order to enhance the growth, survivability, and/or nutritional value of the organism. The growing popularity and usage of GM crops has given rise to a wide range of health and environmental concerns. Studies assessing the health risks and environmental impact of GM crops have discovered a number of alarming results. Glyphosate, an ingredient found in the herbicide extensively used in GM crops, is speculated to be linked to digestive disorders, obesity, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver diseases, and cancer, to name a few (Samsel et al., 2013), (1-4).To avoid the potentially harmful affects of cooking oils derived from GM crops, look for the Non-GMO Project verified seal on your next purchase.







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