Is Sushi Clean Eating?

Sushi lovers are going to ask “Is sushi considered clean eating?”

Despite the commonly held belief that sushi is healthy, that’s not necessarily the case. There are several problems with eating sushi if you are concerned about clean eating.

Do the words high-calorie, sugar and white rice help you see the problem?

Suchi is typically packed with calories.  One sushi roll cut into six to nine small pieces can contain as many as 500 calories.  Most of those calories come from the sticky white rice that is usually used to hold a sushi roll together. Sugar is often added to the water when the rice is being cooked, and that’s another obvious problem.

Because its typically made with white rice, Sushi is high on the glycemic index and is low in fibre content. The rice can also have high sodium counts, as can the sauces people often like to pair with their sushi.

The healthiest sushi and the most acceptable for clean eating are maki and sashimi.

Maki sushi are the rolls with the fish in the middle and the seaweed wrapper on the outside. One piece is usually around 50 calories, so six pieces can add up to 300 calories. However, if the ingredients are deep fried, the oil content is likely going to be a problem and the calorie count can easily reach 500 calories, especially when combined with the sauces that are also likely to have high sugar and salt content.

Sashimi, the healthiest type of sushi, is simply raw fish and no rice. One piece can be 30 to 40 calories.  Try to stick with sushi that comes with avocado, omega-3 fish like salmon, and brown rice instead of the white sticky rice.

These are healthy due to the unsaturated fats, and in the case of the vegetable rolls and brown rice rolls, they would contain slightly more fibre and vitamins and minerals

The least healthy sushi are those that are deep fried or contain deep fried elements, like fried shrimp or salmon, or very ‘Americanized’ rolls with beef. These would be unhealthy due to the high-calorie content and unhealthy fats.”







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