Clean Eating Soy Sauce Substitute

A question that comes up frequently:  Is soy sauce clean eating?  Soy Sauce is not part of a clean lifestyle or healthy diet because of its shockingly high sodium (salt) content.

Just one tablespoon of regular soy sauce has 900 to 1000 milligrams of sodium – that’s more than half of a day’s maximum recommended allowable sodium intake.  Light soy sauce has about 25 per cent less sodium at 600 to 800 milligrams per tablespoon, which is still way too high.

High levels of sodium are directly linked to high blood pressure (which often leads to serious heart and brain issues) and its also directly linked to heart disease.

A healthy, clean eating soy sauce substitute is coconut aminos, a great tasting sauce that is made from coconut sap.  The sap is collected from the coconut blossoms, then blended with sea salt and naturally aged.  It is dark, rich, slightly salty and slightly sweet in flavor.  It resembles a light soy sauce or tamari (wheat-free soy sauce), but it is soy free and gluten free – making it the perfect soy sauce substitute for clean eating as well as for those avoiding soy and gluten.

As mentioned, it does have some salt content, but it is sea salt, which as explained in another section is an allowable, clean salt (used in moderation, of course).

What are the benefits of coconut aminos?

Aside from being a clean eating salt substitute, coconut aminos has a low Glycemic Index and is packed with minerals, vitamin C, and B vitamins. Its also soy free and gluten free.  As the name suggests, it is high in amino acids, containing 17 different types.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential to our health and nutrition. Amino acids play a vital role in muscle repair, brain and nervous system function. They also assist in boosting the immune system and physical energy levels. Coconut aminos have been found to contain 14 times the amount of amino acids found in soy sauce.

Due to the way the sauce is processed, it remains raw and enzymatically alive – which means it is better for you!

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