Turn your knack for floral design into a profitable business. Learn how to start and operate a profitable wedding floral design business from your own home with this detailed step-by-step training guide.

Why specialize in weddings? Because weddings are the most profitable niche in the floral industry. The average couple will spend over $30,000 on their wedding this year.  Brides Magazine reports that the typical bride spends $8000-$10,000 on wedding flowers alone.  Our estimate is more conservative at about $2000-$3000, but either way there’s money in weddings.

This in-depth business training manual is for the person who already has some basic floral design ability and wants to learn how to successfully turn it into their own business. It is intended to help you transform your existing talent for floral design – even if you are self-taught or dabbling as a hobby – into a profitable home based business.

This highly specialized training guide teaches how to realize a profit almost immediately through smart techniques that minimize costs and maximize profits. This is so important because the reason most new businesses fail is due to excessive expenses in the start up stage. Its for that reason that this training strongly recommends breaking into the business by specializing in silk flowers. This will minimize the need for costly commercial refrigeration equipment necessary for storing fresh flowers, lowers the cost of supplies, and reduces losses that occur from spoilage.  Many successful homebased wedding florists get their start by focusing on silk flowers for this very reason. Approximately 45% of all brides opt for silk flowers because of the many advantages silks provide (no risk of wilting in hot weather, reduced cost on exotic flowers, keepsake value, etc).  Once your business is established and earning a profit, you can then expand into the area of fresh flowers.  Regardless of whether or not you ultimately decide to offer fresh flowers, you will find that all of the guidance on business set up, business strategy, advertising, promotion, marketing, pricing, client consultations, establishing your competitive advantage, etc. applies equally.

As a bonus to the valuable business information which is at the core of this training manual, this course also shares design ideas, principals, suggestions, and tips that are important in wedding floral design, however, it is not a design course – it is a business start-up training manual. You’ll learn everything from the correct pricing formulas used by wedding florists for achieving maximum profit, to creative ideas to add interest and professionalism to your wedding designs, to time-tested and proven marketing & promotional methods for attracting clients, as well as operating procedures for the home based wedding florist, complete with proven, highly successful business concepts you can model your own business after. You’ll be guided step by step through finding clients and establishing yourself within your local market. You’ll learn how to correctly set up your business, how to do a consultation with a client, how to create a contract. Sample forms and contracts are included for you to model your own after. We’ve left no stone un-turned. The course reveals the trade secrets that can otherwise take years of experience to acquire.

Get the insider’s edge to put your wedding floral business on the fast track. Discover:

  • exactly how to pump more profit out of your business by incorporating rental items.
  • how to purchase floral supplies at wholesale.
  • the proven formula to establish yourself as a major player within your local marketplace – even if you operate from home.
  • the hottest, most powerful ways of promoting and marketing your wedding floral design business. This is so important because if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.

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    All of this information is presented in a easy to follow, fully comprehensive training manual consisting of over 179 pages. Become a florist from home, doing weddings full time or part time. Enjoy the pride and satisfaction of business ownership. If the thought of turning your knack for floral design into an income-generating business excites you, this training manual is an excellent way to get started now and be in business soon with very low overhead and very low start-up expenses. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of working from home Structure your business as it best suits you: part time or full time. Get your start in the floral design business and take advantage of the lucrative $60 billion wedding industry.Developed based on the experiences of highly successful home based wedding florists, you benefit from a  complete proven and tested system laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step format. You’ll need to already know how to create bouquets, corsages etc. for weddings to get the full benefit of this course. If you don’t yet have that knowledge, the Institute of Weddings (InstituteOfWeddings.com) offers a certificate course in wedding floral design which can give you the design skills you need to design flowers for weddings.

    Your opportunity to earn a great income while doing something you already enjoy is within reach. Previously available exclusively to members of The Institute of Weddings, this in-depth, fully comprehensive self-study course has has successfully helped thousands of other individuals just like you to launch their own wedding floral businesses by focusing on time tested marketing methods that aren’t reliant on increasingly expensive digital marketing strategies or the whims of the constantly changing digital marketing environment.  The solid marketing methods you’ll learn work today as well as they will work a decade from now.






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